Sunday, June 11, 2006

We laugh as we approach the crossing to Wellington's Arch. Cyclists are increasingly incorporated into pedestrian lights but this is a first for us: horses.

The arch, also known as Constitution Arch, was built between 1825 and 1828 to commemorate Wellington's victory at Waterloo. Designed by the wonderfully named Decimus Burton.

It doubled up for while as the second smallest police station in London. (Some would discount the lamp-post in Trafalgar Square and claim it is the smallest). I can only picture it in some old black and white affair; a policeman full of bumbling incompetence who somehow solves the mystery of the stolen paintings from Robert Adam's nearby Apsley House.


pat said...

the traffic light horse is ace.

it got me thinking - in order to brighten up london there should be novelty traffic lights.

ems said...

Have you seen the traffic light tree / installation on the roundabout at Canary Wharf? It's mad. There are regularly groups of suited travelling workers from America and the Orient stood in the middle being photographed.