Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Social skills, sunburn and sports day

I was really rather pleased, on reflection, when one of the boys in the social skills group pointed out to the others, far louder than he realised, that "Miss is in a shit mood". It meant he had taken on board everything I have been teaching about body language as at that point I hadn't even opened my mouth.

(They are very good at demonstrating 'invading someone's personal space'. Whilst modelling it with a pupil last week we collided quite peculiarly and I poked him in the eye with my left boob. I think you can imagine how this went down with a group of eight teenage boys).

Some absolute lunatic tried chatting me up in the park when we were all playing football which again they found hysterical; they had great fun modelling me politely telling him to go away when they quite clearly knew I wanted to tell him to f**k off.

Someone else received the Glare when he mentioned the fact I hadn't brought any suntan lotion. My shoulders, neck and face are now evidence of this.

And tomorrow is sports day. I hate it.


coolbuddha said...

Will there be a teacher's race? Egg and spoon?

Shep said...

You'll have someone's eye out with those *LOL*

(sorry, couldn't resist!)

Ashley said...

ahh... you are a teacher!