Friday, June 23, 2006

I was all set up to do a bit of blogging last night when C. asked if I could do him some mango. Next thing you know he's got his mango and yogurt and I'm sat crying on the kitchen floor.

Skidded on some over ripe mango, which I hadn't realised I'd dropped, and smashed into the kitchen cabinets. I thought I'd broken my toes. Agony.

Did C. come running to see if I was alright? No. Apparently, I am always crashing about and swearing so he didn't realise anything out of the ordinary had happened.

Did I then get sympathy? No. C. washed up his dish round me, said "you need some ice" and went back to the football.

Didn't want to blog after that.

PS. I forgot to mention I'd already punctured my finger on the shell of a frozen prawn. Blood everywhere.


coolbuddha said...

Men! Tssk! You could always try shoving a mango somewhere where the sun don't shine...
I hope the cabinets are OK. :-)

Doug said...

I hope your toes feel better. I jammed my pinky finger into the wall the other day and it hurt for days!

ems said...

It's funny you should mention the cabinets. The newsagent asked if I was limping and I explained what had happened. He did say that although I didn't get any sympathy I was fortunate C. didn't ask if I'd damaged the cabinets or floor as many men apparently would.