Saturday, February 04, 2006

TB or not TB?

Good news is usually celebrated with a bottle of red wine or a pint or three of Guinness but alcohol just isn't on the menu at the moment. The fantastic news that I don't have TB (hurrah!) was celebrated with a mug of Green & Black's hot chocolate. Very different but just about acceptable.

I do still have to undergo a lung biopsy next week which sounds particularly nasty. The only real danger is a punctured lung. It would leak air and a) heal itself or b) a tube is inserted and (I stopped listening at this point).

Not wanting to exaggerate or anything but it feels like I've cracked my ribs and/or torn all the muscles on the right side of my body from coughing so much. The sooner I get some medicine the better. (And the sooner I found something more interesting to talk about).

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coolbuddha said...

Good news (apart from the booze ban of course, although chocolate comes a close second)). Take it easy.