Monday, February 20, 2006

New York, New York

Those of you who read Pat's blog will know that the preparations for his work trip to New York haven't been exactly trouble-free.

I do know that he wouldn't wish me ill but I do think he was rather upset by the fact I didn't have TB. It would have been the perfect excuse not to travel - 'I might have it too'. (And what thanks that would have been for buying me dinner!).

I helped out by countersigning his passport application and even offered to lend him my bright pink suitcase.

It would seem he had one last favour to ask of me. Make sure he was up this morning bright and early to catch the plane. I'd only have been too happy to oblige had he not sent the message to my work email address at the weekend. I read it approximately three hours too late.

I can only assume that he made it of his own accord or is holed up in his flat for the week.


Che-Jay said...

I think your suitcase would have been an veritable asset to him !

pat said...

suitcase wasn't needed. mine was easy enough to find.
as readers of my blog will know i got there (and back again... to misquote a famous book) and on time. pretty much a first for me.

i had calls from several people i had arranged to call me in order to make sure i got up.
whooooo me.