Friday, January 20, 2006

Need vs Greed

I have absolutely no problems with Eskimos wearing fur. They live a certain lifestyle in extreme conditions and polyester probably wouldn't do the trick. After reading today's reports about the big freeze in Russia (I cannot even begin to wonder what minus thirty feels like), I may even be sympathetic enough to allow them a spot of fur to keep warm. The cold has clearly gone to the heads of some. Yesterday was the Orthodox Epiphany and was marked by the usual Blessing of the Water. This meant lunatics, proving they are Real Men, cut through the ice with a chainsaw and then jumped in dressed in nothing but their Speedos. I think the only sane part is gulping down the cognac when they stagger out.

What I don't agree with is people with more money than sense wearing fur as a fashion statement. And certainly not that acquired from endangered species. Yes, I am referring to that hideously vile, self-serving, arrogant and abusive man that is Pete Burns. The papers today seem to think the coat isn't gorilla. Chimps have been mentioned (not endangered) as have colobus monkeys (endangered). I would really quite like to see him properly incarcerated (without high heels, make-up and accessories) but knowing my luck I'll be sat here fuming as its announced the coat is either fake or not from animals covered by the Control of Trade in Endangered Species.

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Che-Jay said...

I take it you won't be buying his single when it gets re-released when he gets out of the house?