Sunday, January 29, 2006

Civic duty

With the possible exception of Wednesday's bronchoscopy (see below) the highlight of the past two weeks must be the one-hour birdwatch for the RSPB. We don't have a garden but there is a nice green patch with a gloriously tall tree behind the flat to watch.

The results were rather disappointing. I'm sure there are usually more birds around. Anyway, I spotted 6 blackbirds, 2 coal tits, 1 collared dove and 2 crows. The four squirrels and one mangey three-legged fox don't count but they're worth mentioning as they are much more fun to observe.

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coolbuddha said...

I'm envious. Some mornings I get a riot of blue tits, manic robins and the occasional wren. Saturday was, well, tediously dull. I love birds, but if they start to get clever I'll shoot the b******s.