Monday, October 22, 2007

Hurrah! Perhaps not.

A week off to try and catch up with life. The Tates. Books. Walks in the autumn sunshine.

But then I think of all the things I really need to catch up with:

1. Getting the car fixed (it currently doesn't move).
2. Cleaning the kitchen (including the fridge and the oven).
3. De-cluttering the front room of papers, books and various assorted bits and pieces.
4. Sorting my clothes from a mountainous heap before C. gives them all away to the local charity
5. Offering to look after my friend's children for the week as his wife is in hospital.


Anonymous said...

I have whole week of work ahead of me and literally nothing but. No sleep even.

Red said...

Having spent the weekend with two tweenagers, I hope for your sake that your friend will thank you for your kind offer and tell you there's no need, he can cope just fine. Children are evil.

And if you find a way to clean the oven window, please feel free to share your secrets.

ems said...

Lovely to hear from you, Rehan. Hope the work goes well.

Red, these are little ones and thankfully I wasn't taken up on my offer. As for the oven, I cannot imagine ever getting the window clean. Should I succeed I'll be sure to let you know.

pat said...

cleaning? who does that.
next you will say you do ironing...