Sunday, September 23, 2007

Helmets off to Ken

Since my summer cycling holiday I've become a bike enthusiast. I cycle at least twice a week to school (seven and a half miles each way) and to other places besides. So, it didn't take much to twist my arm to sign up for the first Hovis Freewheel.

Three of us set off in a group from the Vicky Park hub like excited kids in our bright red bibs ('Watch out the bikes are coming') entering the traffic-free route at London Bridge. Friends, entire families, people on their own – all joined together to demonstrate London at its best. Fun, friendly and full of life.

Bikes of all descriptions were on display. Unicycles. Tandems. Children pedalling hell for leather; legs whizzing round and round. Stabilisers. Little ones (and dogs) in trailers. Recumbent bikes of all varieties – including one with an amazing Kenwood sound system attached to the rear.

We thought we'd have to give the free sarnies a miss due to the huge crowd at the festival in St. James's. But, no. The organisation was superb and the queues short. Sandwich, apple and water for nought. And a demonstration of some even more bizarre bikes.


pat said...

there are times when i hate the smugness of the the cyclists - the occassional flock of them that gum up the street just as i am about to cross, and they always have someone who has a sound system playing awful urban muisc.
but then i believe the streets and roads of london are there for ME.

but the hovis event was a great idea.
and got great brownie points as it irritated a few evening standard readers.

Anonymous said...

The sound system is called Beatrix and the website is here:

Did you get any photos?