Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday morning conversations


- I don't think I like you this morning.
- I watched Rambo when you went to bed last night.


- I am barring you from walking in that bookshop.
- In which case I won't give you your money.
- Okay. Only one book though and I'm not spending ages in there.


Ashley said...

I have had similar conversations with my C.

pat said...

rambo is a great film.

years ago just when i was about to be kicked out by annemarie, i was at her place in coventry (which i was paying for...) and i was lying in her lap (aaaah) and a movie came on the tv.
i said (somewhat stupidly) "oh i saw this years ago and thought it was ok". went back to lying in the lap (aaaah).
next thing i know i get a push and a raised voice. "oh is that why you liked the movie..." (naked breasts).
i spent the night on the couch.

women eh!