Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Clean

I get a headache even contemplating the idea of cleaning. I hate it.

The newspapers and magazines scattered around the front room were in danger of becoming a fire hazard and C. was quite possibly on the verge of walking out. So I have dealt with them. With the exception of a few articles which I still need (I'm sure that point will be debated) the whole lot have been deposited in an orange recycling sack.

My problem now is housing the wobbly stack of books next to my chair. They simply won't fit on the shelves. Ruthlessness seemed the only option and I attacked the bookcases with energy and vigour. This resulted in twelve books being removed for the charity shop. Out of a possible three hundred and fifty or so.

And the front room still looks worse than when I started.


Red said...

A fellow hoarder! Nice to know that Anne Maurice's master lesson on decluttering was lost on some of us. Whenever we declutter the lounge, it feels so cold, so unlived in, I can't wait to start piling things on the floor again...

Anonymous said...

Blimey, so you're not the only one *LOL*

Ashley said...

I can't buy any more books unless I sell or give one away. One for one.

Try it! :)