Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Protest at Canary Wharf

Until I came up the escalators today I'd forgotten about the protest of yesterday. Too much going on in my head. I was confused. Next to the rolling stairs (as the French would say) there was a small group of people protesting. I couldn't understand what they were chanting and could not make head nor tail of their homemade banners:

Don't let the same thing happen to you.

China ate our organisation for lunch.

Unemplyed CEO.

They were there again today. I made a detour to collect a postcard from someone connected to the 'campaign'.

And what a good advertising campaign. A business school promoting their course about dealing with unpredictable markets. Well, they caught my attention. (I am not mentioning them or their website intentionally).

I was, and am still, livid.

Canary Wharf is private property. Cleaners who earn a pittance were confronted with posters a while ago informing them that if they tried to protest about earning a pittiable wage while the companies they work for, mostly banks, rake in unimaginable profits, they would be removed.
So, actors, (I'm assuming that's what they are), can stage an imaginary protest in the tube station against the possible loss of top jobs yet people who do not even earn a living wage have no rights to draw attention to their plight.

A disgrace.


coolbuddha said...

I suspect the advertisers/actors may have paid someone a fee. Clever though, but you are right, where is the fairness?

ems said...

Well, in my anger I emailed both Transport for London and Ken last night. Not that I expect much in a way of response.

Che-Jay said...

Sorry i'm a bit miffed or thick, can't really grasp what the post is about after reading it twice!

I'm sure you're right though.

gawblimeyman said...

It'a about workers not being able to demonstrate against been poorly paid, and treated like shit, while the get rich quick money merchants can do what they fucking like!
I read the post and it's quite simple really!!!

coolbuddha said...

Gawblimeyman - come on, tell us what you really think!

gawblimeyman said...

Sorry bout that! I did tell you. It just annoyed me a little... ;-)

Che-Jay said...

ok so I am thick - doh

pat said...

best of all they duped emma.....
that'll learn ya to be a bleeding heart liberal.
(typed while hiding behind a table...)

pat said...

one would have been a demonstration.

the other one is an advertising campaign, just like those bods handing out city am and ms london.

you should have reported them to the police for illegal picketing.

ems said...

Still haven't had a response from either TfL or Ken's office. Both reckon replies in 7 days...