Sunday, May 29, 2005

Urgently Required

1. 4 sheets of floor-to-ceiling plaster board
2. 1 door
3. enough soundproofing to cover the plaster board
4. 1 table lamp
5. 1 person willing to help me create a cubicle around the computer with the
aforementioned items.

Why? 11 weeks of hell. 11 weeks of Colin watching Big Brother. I was trying to think of an eloquent way of voicing my opinion but put quite simply: I HATE it. It does my head in.

I shall have to alternate between reading in the bedroom and reading in the kitchen with intermittent spells at the computer in the living room.


pat said...

get some headphones - listen to the internet radio shows while you work at the computer.
luckily i only have to hear about bb through people at work.
normally the conversation goes something like this.
them: did you watch bb last night
me (for it is i): no never watch that sort of stuff..
them: why not
me: does nothing for me, besides my tv is broke.
them: oh! did you watch XX then?
me: no my tv is broke.
them: i don't watch that much tv but did you see YY?
me: no my tv is broke so i don't watch tv....

it is my (unfunny) version of the whose on base or nicky lauda jokes.

ems said...

something seems to have gone kaputt with the sound on this machine. getting a new one soon.

Che-Jay said...

Come-come now, let us embrace this televisual feast and psychological study that is Big Bro! Colin needs commending!

Shep said...

The wife hates me watching it too.
I healthily got BB out of my system with the launch show - I do it every year, usually weigh up the possible nudity factor against the ugly factor and then switch off unless some interesting moment (ie. they fight each other or one of them is an Alien) happens.
This year's show was such a car-crash I have NO desire to watch it.
Unless someone gets their tits out.
Then I'm there.

pat said...

have to say even tits out is not going to make me watch BB or anyother "reality" show.

now femme2femme fridaay frenzy on the playboy channel is what tv was invented for.