Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tuesday at the Red Lion

Was meeting T and R in the O'Neills at the top of Carnaby Street. Little bit early so went for a wander. Saw lots of Japanese/Oriental girls with their own idea of fashion. (I would look ridiculous in it but they always seem to do themselves justice and look good). Bloke smacked on the door of a shut eating establishment and informed me they usually gave him something left over to eat; they'd closed early. He asked me for 80p for a sandwich. Now, where would you buy a sandwich in central London for 80p? I had to say sorry because to the best of my knowledge I actually only had a twenty pound note in my bag. After a bit of a delve though, I came up with one English pound and fifteen pence. So, I gave him a yell and passed it on. Goodness only ever know what he was going to spend it on but it brought a smile to his lips. (And a look of "you're stupid" from people sat outside the Shakespeare).

O'Neills is a bit of a Tardis (fab programme; about the only thing I've watched in the past couple of weeks). It looks small but goes back a long way. Well, it was full of Chelsea fans and was a little on the loud side. Very impressed with the table service though. As you approached the bottom of your glass, someone would pop up and ask if you wanted another.

T and I went to the Red Lion on Kingly Street. Sam Smith's pubs are great - always nicely furnished and cheap with a good atmosphere. Really rather strange last night though - a student crowd. Arts/fashion. And every single one with a trust fund from mummy and daddy. Never seem so many posh people in one place. All seemed to be discussing the guest list of somewhere nearby. Girls in little skirts and boys in jeans, shirt and jumper.

Bloke next to me on the District Line home had a couple of plays on his lap. Navy blue covers. One was by Alan Ayckbourn - anything I've ever seen by him has been hysterical. C. who I used to work with is into Amateur Dramatics. They've performed a few of his things. The other play was called something like Duet for One (hmm...something inherently wrong with that) by some guy I'd never heard of (and can't remember). Had quite a good chat with him once he got over the shock of some drunk girl striking up a conversation about Ayckbourn. He's in a showcase for agents - doing a scene from each of the plays. Has to work during the day to make ends meet. Told him teaching was acting enough for me. Really couldn't imagine myself on the stage. I wouldn't be able to stop myself giggling uncontrallably.


pat said...

blimey japanese girls in their fashion (love them, i thank the lord every night for them) and arty rich girls in short skirts - darn it sounds almost like a perfect evening.

carnaby street has my fave public lav. they have ruined it a little bit recently thanks to the anti-cottaging screens. though it could be that many of the blokes who went in there were a little uncomfortable by the fact the cleaner always seemed to come out and check the blokes out while they were having a pee. i don't think it was the fact she was checking them out they objected to it - but the fact she never looked impressed at any of the tackles on offer.

Che-Jay said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog - I followed it from the link on Pats site. Not only does it read fluid and is entertaining but I'm actually learning more about London, more than Pat ever show's me when I visit, of course Pat only ever show's me London's seedy side but then again I'm a sucker for decadent things.

ems said...

thanks, che-jay. That's made my day!

Have you checked out the French-style pissoirs, Pat? I think there are a couple of permanent ones around, Kings Cross for example, but we saw a lorry load depositing temporary ones in the streets of Soho. Gave us a right laugh.

pat said...

the outside pissers seem to move with a frequency that is unnerving. just when you think you know where they are, and in a bladder bursting rush make a bee-line to it, it's gone.
it is an urban joy to stand proud in the streets of london having a leak, so more power to the french style. just keep them in place for longer than a week.

best public lavs are still the ones in carnaby street.
best places to go if you are caught short and don't want to go to macdonalds or a pub are the public galleries.

ems said...

I won't even lower myself to use McDo's loos. I thoroughly recommend those in the British Museum. One of the perks now of these places being free.

pat said...

royal festival hall is my fave place as it is open late.
also has the advantage that there is often quite a lot of totty walking around.

national gallery/national portrait gallery are close seconds.