Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Having notched up a considerable 124 hours at school over the last 10 working days I haven't done much other than work, eat and sleep.

I have tried to start reading this about 5 times:

but can never remember what I read on the previous page. (The guy in the shop did warn me against buying it "To sum up Dawkins - God doesn't exist, worship me".).

I have read this:

but only because I have to write the questions for book group next week; we didn't agree with one another.
Before you go, J, I just want to say sorry for shouting at you. I...

Miss, miss. It's ok. You did tell me you were having a bad day and asked me to sit down nicely before I hit you on the head with the ping pong ball.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Turning London yellow for the day

London did the start of the Tour de France proud yesterday. A superb day. With not a drop of rain in sight.From this to this... this...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Who said teachers work 9 to 3?

Monday 7am to 7.10pm
Tuesday 7am to 7.15pm
Wednesday 7am to 8.10pm

But then there are the little things that make it all worthwhile - like the three Jack Petchey nominations:

Ms X is very kind to me and always helps me to calm down and stay out of trouble. She is a teacher who really understands me.

Ms X has helped me throughout Year 9. She calms me down and is a great teacher to work with.

Ms X is always there for me when I feel upset.

I love them all!